A Rottweiler in Australia
Tuesday, 27. August 2013
2013-08-27 20:46
While doing garden work the neighbour found a little creature. It was cold and didn't move a lot so he brought it to me. I put it in an emergency enclosure with standard temperature and humidity and during the night it came back to life. Like Speedy Gonzales it raged through the cage so we decided to let it go today.

It was a juveline Western Pygmy Possum (only 5g) - here some more information:

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Monday, 26. August 2013
2013-08-26 16:31
Advertisement last week:

"Refurbished Taylor's horse float. Double float, great to tow, very tidy. All wood replaced, rust cut out of roof, vinyl replaced, new tow/ brake hitch etc. 5 light truck tyres, bearings re greased. 12 months rego. Only selling due to upgrading to something bigger! Urgent sale $4000 or best offer. Can be viewed at two wells or Elizabeth south"

Because it was urgent the vendor accepted 25% less than asked for! I don't know whether Leila will fit in this trailer but I can remove the roof if necessary.
Leila, where are you? Everything is ready to go - only YOU are missing.

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Thursday, 22. August 2013
Mike Tyson
2013-08-22 19:10
Chasing kangaroos - I hate this dog when she is doing it again. But unfortunately it happens. I'm working on it.

But this time she found her master: meet 'Mike Tyson'. Instead of hopping away he took the challenge turned around and started to chase Clare. At least 30 min or longer (I went back to grab the camera) Clare tried to provoke him but he seemed unimpressed. Clare didn't listen to my callings but finally was too exhausted to proceed. She gave up. The roo was sitting at the same spot for some time, looking at her direction and obviously wanted Clare to return.

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